IDS/IPS software technology that can reliably find Malware hidden in your network

Advanced Multi-Session IDS/IPS analysis

Mobile devices, P2P applications and cloud-based services are inexorably dissolving your security perimeter whether you like it or not. Traditional perimeter defense systems (like NG-firewalls) are becoming irrelevant; the proof is in the increase in data breaches (Target, Home Depot, Sony, etc.).

What can I do about it?

In an era of dissolving network perimeters, enterprises badly need a solution for network intrusion detection from the inside out. Unlike perimeter security systems, MetaFlows continuously performs multi-session intrusion detection analysis looking for multiple red flags in the behavior of hosts on the internal network. As cyber-threats are detected (regardless of how they get in), they are shut down and reported through our browser-based security console. Mind your perimeter but please start monitoring the behavior of your internal hosts now!

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Real time collaborative intelligence feeds

Traditional cyber-security defenses are asymmetric; the attackers collaborate globally while security vendors struggle independently. MetaFlows disrupts this trend by using multiple, collaborative network intrusion detection feeds to defend your Enterprise.

What does this mean in practice?

Our Intrusion Detection System uses real time feeds from: Emerging Threats, Virustotal, OSSEC, TrustWave, Cuckoo, Yara and Web Of Trust. For example, our Network Antivirus system not only uses more than 50 antivirus solutions at once, but also uses a mix of proprietary and open source feeds (Yara, ET, Cuckoo) to analyze the behavior of the content as it is executed/opened to determine whether it is well behaved. When you deploy MetaFlows you are really deploying network defenses from the entire Internet community, and not a single vendor. Our SaaS architecture transparently manages all intelligence updates requiring zero software maintenance!

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Open standards network security appliances

In order to reliably identify hidden threats, our multifunctional software needs to perform several CPU-intensive, deep-packet inspection functions in real time. Dynamically executing content through sandboxes also requires a lot of CPU and RAM.

Ok, so what?

Fortunately, our intrusion detection software easily meets these processing requirements using open software, hardware, and virtualization standards. MetaFlows offers inexpensive, turn-key, network security appliances ranging in capacity from 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps. Importantly, you can also build your own network security appliances by simply downloading our software on Linux Centos or REHL systems (physical or virtual). Our software was designed as an open system and can therefore be easily customized and integrated in any existing infrastructure. Start a free trial today on your own existing hardware!

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Malware Detection Appliances

MSS-1/4/8C (100Mbps-1Gbps)

5 Gbps Behavioral Malware Detection Appliance

MSS-24C (1-3Gbps)

10 Gbps Behavioral Malware Detection Appliance

MSS-64C (3-7Gbps)

10 Gbps Behavioral Malware Detection Appliance

MSS-UTM-1C (50Mbps)

20 Mbps UTM Appliance

MetaFlows' network security appliances are based on robust open standards that quickly integrate in any existing infrastructure. They are custom-built with the best hardware components available today to provide reliable and cost-effective packet processing from 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps. Contact us to learn more

Malware Detection Software

Our software plans support from 100Mbs to 10Gbps of sustained network inspection. You can download our Malware Detection Software for your platform and be up and running within minutes. Simply Register here to start a 2-week trial.

Minimum hardware requirements are:
  • 4GB RAM or 2GB RAM/core (whichever is greater)
  • At least 2 Physical Ethernet Interfaces (one for management and one for passive traffic analysis)
  • At least 100GB disk
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