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Metaflows, Inc. is a California corporation founded in 2007 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs with a track record for successfully bringing new network security products and technologies to market. Metaflows was funded with grants from the National Science Foundation and The Army Research Office to leverage software-as-a-service concepts in reducing the cost, while improving the effectiveness, of network security technology. Metaflows' products are today enjoying considerable traction because they demonstrably provide an unprecedented combination of cost-effectiveness and sophistication in the detection and prevention of Malware and other network-based attacks.

We are in the heart of the beautiful city of San Diego, right across from Petco Park, MLB home of the San Diego Padres.

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We were selected as a finalist for the RedHerring Top 100 companies in North America. Our disruptive technology and rapid customer growth makes us one of the most compelling stories in the Industry. Metaflows is uniquely positioned to accelerate migration of enterprise network security monitoring and compliance verification to the cloud‐based SaaS architectures of the next decade.

Metaflows is the winner of a prestigious grant from the National Science Foundation for the groundbreaking research and development by our CEO and chief research scientist, Livio Ricciulli. Metaflows enjoys a close collaboration with the Cyber-TA consortium, which is funded by the Army Research Office and boasts an outstanding roster of world-class scientists from across the country.

Supported in part by US Army Research Office Award W911NF-06-1-0316 MetaFlows has brought years of cyber-security research to market. The result is allowing Universities and Enterprises large and small to benefit from advanced threats detection techniques. BotHunter and its derivatives are today protecting numerous Government networks and spawn new, advanced techniques to defeat cyber-security criminals

In 2011, Metaflows was accepted as a Solutions Partner with Amazon Web Services . Metaflows can run on an Amazon EC2 instance and lets customers become security compliant in minutes.

Since 2011 Metaflows has also become a Solutions Partner with VMWare . The libraries from Metaflows have been published in the VMWare Partner Catalog for use with vSphere 4.0 (ESX/ESXi/vCenter 4.0).