Software-As-A-Service Malware Prevention

Our Malware Prevention software is deployed in your LAN to enforce network security policies while analyzing the behavior of your Internet traffic. The analysis is performed using at least 5 intelligence sources at once and the results are sent to the MetaFlows’ cloud where they become available for secure browsing. Using global intelligence, the events are further correlated and prioritized to generate automated email alerts and interactive, web-based reports. With a standard web browser users can collaborate online to investigate suspicious behavior using our award-winning forensic interface, and easily shut down threats using our powerful, policy-based Malware Protection System.

A diagram illustrating how the pieces of Metaflows' software-as-a-service solution fit together.

SC Magazine Review

An IPS on steroids: MetaFlows Security System
"This is not just any IPS. Because it is a hybrid application – local and cloud-based – users get a lot of benefit from the cloud piece that are not available from a standard IPS. For example, a typical IPS gets its updates at whatever update interval the vendor determines. The updates usually are based on the efforts of the vendor's threat assessment laboratory. Not so for MSS." More...

Malware Prevention Software Plans

Our analysis software runs on CentOS 6, as a virtual machine or in your cloud-based assets. It scales with the hardware and can handle from a few Mbps to 10 Gbps. The software cost is determined by the amount of traffic it needs to monitor (measured in bps) and its features. Our software subscriptions are offered in 3 feature / performance tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold and can be purchased on monthly, annual & biannual subscription terms. Amazon EC2 hourly AMIs are billed directly by Amazon.

Invest in cutting-edge SaaS IDS software.

Constantly adapt to changing threats and new opportunities to defend your network with a SaaS security model. When you subscribe to Metaflows, you are investing in your own future. Read More...

Cloud based correlation.

Metaflows uses five different intelligence feeds at once. Why rely on one vendor feed when you can use five? No single security team has all the answers. Because Metaflows uses five feeds at once, it consistently finds threats that other vendors miss. Read More...

Easily correlate events from ALL your security devices.

In addition to using five different intelligence feeds to examine your network traffic, Metaflows can also analyze the feeds from all your existing security devices and help you meet computer security auditing standards. Read More...

Defend your enterprise from the inside.

We look for symptoms of an infection rather than solely relying on defending the perimeter (which is dissolving due to technology trends). If you only block things from getting in, YOU WILL BE HACKED. You need to watch the behavior of your hosts with Metaflows. Read More...

Open Standards Malware Detection Appliances

Metaflows offers turn-key Malware detection appliances with the best cost-to-performance ratio in the industry. The appliances are based on open-source standards to allow quick and seamless integration in any existing infrastructure. They are reamarkably robust offering 99.99999% availability in most deployment environments.

Scale from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps on commodity hardware.

By the time a branded security appliance is rolled out, it is already old (hardware becomes obsolete very quickly). So why would you invest in a traditional IDS/IPS box which is already obsolete? When you invest in Metaflows, you invest in Software and services rather than old hardware. Read More...

Easily shut down threats without compromising reliability or performance.

You do not have to place another device in line to shut down threats. Our groundbreaking soft-IPS technology lets you shut down threats in passive mode. Read More...

MetaFlows' security appliances are based on robust open standards that quickly integrate in any existing infrastructure. They are custom-built with the best hardware components available today to provide reliable and cost-effective packet processing from 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps.


20 Mbps UTM Appliance


5 Gbps Behavioral Malware Detection Appliance


10 Gbps Behavioral Malware Detection Appliance


10 Gbps Behavioral Malware Detection Appliance

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