Focusing on preventing threats from “getting in” is no longer sufficient. Modern Enterprises need network malware detection that can monitor the behavior of their internal assets.

The Need for Network Malware Detection

Mobility, social media and peer-to-peer applications render firewalls ineffective causing Malware to bypass perimeter defenses.

Fortunately, once it executes, malware cannot hide its network behavior. Our patented, multi-session network intrusion detection system correlates multiple network malware detection techniques  and reliably finds Malware in your network while keeping false positives to a minimum.

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SaaS-based shared threat intelligence

SaaS-based, shared threat intelligence is 90% more effective than a single feed.

We use real time feeds from: Emerging Threats, VirusTotal, OSSEC, Trustwave, Cuckoo, YARA and Web of Trust. It’s like having the entire Internet community continuously defend your Enterprise.

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Malware Detection Appliances

MetaFlows’ network security appliances are based on robust open standards that quickly integrate in any existing infrastructure. They are custom-built with the best hardware components available today to provide reliable and cost-effective packet processing from 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps

Importantly, we designed our software using open software, hardware, and virtualization standards so that you can also easily install our software on your own physical or virtual Linux Centos or REHL hardware.

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