Advanced Network Malware Detection

metaflows shield Multi-Session Analysis

Emerging Internet trends like mobility, P2P applications, cloud-based services, and social media are giving us better access to information at the expense of security. Modern network malware can exploit these trends to evade traditional network perimeter defense systems (firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), email scanning appliances, etc) and compromise your network.

The underlying problem is that today's perimeter defense systems assume your network is clean and focus exclusively on preventing threats from getting in. MetaFlows' advanced malware detection technology instead assumes that your internal assets might already be compromised and continuously performs multi-functional, multi-session network intrusion detection analysis. As cyber security threats are detected (regardless of how they got in), they are shut down and reported through our browser-based security management console.

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Real Time Collaborative Intelligence Feeds

Traditional cyber-security defenses are myopic and asymmetric; the attackers collaborate globally while the security vendors struggle independently. MetaFlows SaaS technology disrupts this trend by letting Enterprises anonymously share threat intelligence.

When you deploy our technology, your enterprise becomes an integral part of our global cloud-based correlation system, It will immediately start receiving shared threat intelligence recommendations while transmitting security events to the cloud in real time. For example, our Network Antivirus system not only uses more than fifty (55+) antivirus solutions at once, but also uses a mix of proprietary, commercial and collaborative feeds to analyze the behavior of the content as it is executed/opened to determine whether it is well behaved. Our SaaS architecture transparently manages all software and intelligence updates requiring virtually zero system administration.

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Open Source Malware Detection Appliances

In order to reliably identify hidden threats, our multifunctional software needs to perform several CPU intensive, deep packet analysis functions in real time. Dynamically executing content through sandboxes also requires plenty of CPU and RAM.

Fortunately, our network security monitoring software easily meets these processing requirements using open software, hardware, and virtualization standards. MetaFlows offers inexpensive, turn-key, malware detection appliances ranging in capacity from 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps. Importantly, you can also build your own appliances by simply downloading our software on Linux Centos or RHEL systems (physical or virtual). Our software was designed as an open system and can therefore be easily customized and integrated into any existing infrastructure. Start a free trial today on your own existing hardware!

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Create Advanced Malware Detection Appliances Within Minutes

Passively analyze your network traffic to reliably detect and shut down malware that gets past your perimeter defense.

Our on-premise software plans support from 100Mbs to 10Gbps of sustained network inspection. Register here to download and run our software for a two week unlimited trial on your own hardware. Follow these instructions or watch the video.

For advanced IDS in the AWS cloud, simply launch and register our hourly AWS Marketplace instance and add these simple agents to the existing cloud assets you want to monitor (no reboot required).

Turn-key Malware Detection Appliances

MSS-1/4/8C (100Mbps-1Gbps)

1 Gbps Behavioral Network Security Monitoring Appliance

MSS-24C (1-3Gbps)

5 Gbps Behavioral Network Security Monitoring  Appliance

MSS-64C (3-7Gbps)

10 Gbps Behavioral Network Security Monitoring  Appliance

MSS-UTM-1C (50Mbps)

50 Mbps UTM Appliance

MetaFlows' network malware detection appliances are based on robust open standards that quickly integrate in any existing infrastructure. They are custom-built with the best hardware components available today to provide reliable and cost-effective packet processing from 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps. Contact us to learn more

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