Advanced Intrusion Detection

Accurately identify and block malware, dangerous user behavior and data exfiltrations that would otherwise go unnoticed.



Lower False Negatives

Signature-based IDS/IPS & antivirus solutions are becoming increasingly ineffective.

For example, we measure that an antivirus solution misses known malware from 20% to 50% of the time with respect to all its rivals combined. Things get even worse if we also count unknown malware that can only be detected through a sandbox.

Signature-based detection systems cannot detect and prevent today's leading causes of cyber security incidents. Unpredictable user behavior, bad passwords and social engineering attacks can only be detected using behavioral threat analysis.

Machine Learning
When you deploy our technology, your enterprise becomes an integral part of our cloud-based machine learning system. By anonymously sharing threat intelligence from multiple enterprises we can extract dangerous communication patterns that are strong predictors of a potential compromise. This information is then customized and weighted for each customer in the form of dynamic event prioritization.

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Lower False Positives

Isolated alerts contain very little actionable information.

Traditional Network IDS software generates alerts by finding known threat patterns within a single TCP/UDP session. This usually results in a very high false positive rate. Important events are often missed due to the huge volume of false positive or low-priority network security events.

Multi-Session Correlation
Multi-session correlation is an evolution of dialog-based correlation first introduced by a revolutionary malware detection tool called BotHunter.

Multi-session correlation extends dialog based correlation by leveraging diverse threat intelligence that goes well beyond signature based IDS alerts. Simply put, it continually tracks the events for each internal host to uncover alarming patterns that emerge over time.

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The MetaFlows Security System

Data Sources

The MetaFlows Security System (MSS) can be deployed in public clouds such as AWS, Azure or GCP, corporate networks and data centers.

A diagram illustrating how the pieces of Metaflows' software-as-a-service solution fit together.

Besides leveraging cloud-specific services such as VPC mirroring and Amazon GuardDuty, the MSS can also be deployed in traditional on-premise environments to process up to 10 Gbps per sensor.

Traffic mirroring can be achieved through VPC mirroring, hardware span/mirror ports, TAPs or agents installed on the endpoints.
System and event logs can be natively exported or gathered with Windows agents.
MetaFlows provides unique support to implement software TAPs (pcap over TLS) in any infrastructure.

Sensors are CentOS/RHEL systems dedicated to passively analyze network data. Our software scales with the amount of available hardware from a minimum of 1 CPU and 4 GB of RAM for processing up to 50 Mbps to multiple-core systems capable of processing up to 10 Gbps. The amount of disk storage indirectly affects the maximum time horizon for historical packet log queries. For most sensors 1 TB of total storage is sufficient. Sensors perform the following functions:

A diagram illustrating how the pieces of Metaflows' software-as-a-service solution fit together.
Correlate IDS events, communication patterns, event logs and application downloads.
Provide Intrusion Prevention through Soft IPS.
Store all packets in a local indexed database.
Offer users real time flow data and access to the packet database using web sockets.
Optionally use software-based TAPs.
Optionally export alerts to third party SIEMs
The Controller

The controller is at the heart of our SaaS technology. MetaFlows offers two publicly accessible controller systems; one in the commercial AWS EC2 cloud and one in the AWS Govcloud. Most users will just deploy sensors and use one of these two public SaaS services to monitor their networks. We can also license dedicated controllers to Government organizations or very large enterprises to implement an equivalent, self-managed SaaS platform for private use.

A diagram illustrating how the pieces of Metaflows' software-as-a-service solution fit together.
Receives and stores alerts and telemetry data from all Sensors
Uses Machine Learning to dynamically assign event priorities.
Ingests and normalizes threat feeds to be provided to the sensors.
Provides a real time transport service for browser-to-sensor comminication.
Hosts a powerful web-based forensic application for viewing security events and reports
Provides configuration management of IDS rules, notification policies, IPS policies, filtering policies and customizable reports.

Important advantages of our solution


Advanced Threat Hunting & Forensics

MetaFlows' network intrusion detection software provides indexed packet logging to easily reconstruct what happened in your network past. The time horizon is directly proportional to the storage to bandwidth ratio and can range from a few hours to a few weeks depending on the setup. The time horizon can be adjusted by sizing the storage capacity while leveraging our proprietary packet indexing technology to scale your forensic capabilities to a whole new level.


Machine Learning uncovers hidden patterns

Our system compares and correlates event data gathered across all our customers. An algorithm mathematically similar to Google’s page ranking adjusts the priority of certain events to make sure important information stands out. Just as the first few web pages of a Google search yield the most relevant results, each customer's events are mathematically prioritized to highlight the most globally relevant information.


Block Threats Without Impacting Reliability

Soft IPS is ground-breaking software-based Intrusion Prevention technology that shuts down threats with zero impact on performance and reliability. It uses powerful active response technology to block unwanted traffic and actively learns which flows need to be blocked by extracting invariants from your unwanted communication patterns.

What customers say about us

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MetaFlows Security System
Reviewer Role
Security and Risk Management
Company Size
Cost effective Malware detection Solution for Cloud
Advisory Product Security Engineer

We were looking out for an IPS solution for AWS and came across through Metaflows Malware Detection Solution. Its Cost effective, bit difficult to deploy but easy to understand solution. Malware detection capability is great.

MetaFlows Security System
Reviewer Role
Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation
Company Size
Gov't/PS/ED <5,000 Employees
Great system, easy to setup, great support
System Administrator

Metaflows does a great job in intrusion detection and prevention, and has stopped many new infections on our network from getting outside of the network. The interface itself could use some work, as far as ease of use, but once you can get around in the system it's not bad at all and full-featured. Their support is FANTASTIC, and they will quickly answer your call (I have never had a wait time) and immediately assist you in whatever you need. They are very, very knowledgeable about their product, and will help you tune your sensors to however you see fit.

MetaFlows Security System
Reviewer Role
Infrastructure and Operations
Company Size
Excellent product backed up by a team of experts
Network Engineer

They were extremely helpful with installation and have gone above and beyond in providing quick and accurate support.

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