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Metaflows, Inc. is a California corporation founded by Livio Ricciulli, with significant help from Phillip Porras and Matt Jonkman. Livio and Phil collaborated at the Computer Science Laboratory of SRI International where intrusion detection was first developed back in 1983. Following recent compelling research results and prior commercial success, the founders were commissioned by the National Science Foundation and The Army Research Office to commercialize recent, significant results in network security research through the founding of Metaflows. The resulting product (The Metaflows Security System or MSS) has been growing organically since then thanks to its strong technical differentiations. Most of the team members at Metaflows have an engineering background and are exclusively focused on product development and customer support.

Here are some of our customers:

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CIO Review Magazine has selected MetaFlows as one of the top 20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Companies. In the article Cost Effectively Tackling Advanced Security Threats, MetaFlows' Chief Scientist Livio Ricciulli provides a road map for tackling the new security challenges facing Enterprises in the upcoming decade.

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SC Magazine has inducted MetaFlows in the Industry Innovators: Hall of Fame.They write: "We were pleased that this Innovator continues to blaze the trail ahead for perimeter defense in an environment increasingly consisting of less and less perimeter to defend. The problem is a tough one and MetaFlows has brought creativity and insight to the solution. This is one of the most positive uses of the cloud for security purposes that we have seen in quite a while."

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MetaFlows Deploys Network Defenses for the Entire Internet Community at Supercomuting.SCinet's Network Operation Center regularly uses the MetaFlows security system (MSS) as one of the key operational components in securing the conference’s leading-edge network infrastructure. MetaFlows' innovative network anti-virus, sand-boxing and real time behavioral analysis is deployed as a 64-core 10 Gbps appliance capable of sustaining deep-packet inspection and real time multi-session correlation up 5 Gbps.

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Peter Stephenson from SC Magazine calls our product "an IPS on steroids". He writes: "The bottom line is that the MSS mixes the best of both the local sensor and the cloud-based analysis. Between these two functionalities MSS is able to deal with the here and now, as well as with emerging threats."

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Check out our media and analysts coverage on some major Internet publications. Our technology is paving new ways in the information security arena. Pick an article below.

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We were selected as a finalist for the RedHerring Top 100 companies in North America. Our disruptive technology and rapid customer growth makes us one of the most compelling stories in the Industry. Metaflows is uniquely positioned to accelerate migration of enterprise network security monitoring and compliance verification to the cloud‐based SaaS architectures of the next decade.

Metaflows is the winner of a prestigious grant from the National Science Foundation for the groundbreaking research and development by our CEO and chief research scientist, Livio Ricciulli. Metaflows enjoys a close collaboration with the Cyber-TA consortium, which is funded by the Army Research Office and boasts an outstanding roster of world-class scientists from across the country.

Supported in part by US Army Research Office Award W911NF-06-1-0316 MetaFlows has brought years of cyber-security research to market. The result is allowing Universities and Enterprises large and small to benefit from advanced threats detection techniques. BotHunter and its derivatives are today protecting numerous Government networks and spawn new, advanced techniques to defeat cyber-security criminals

In 2011, Metaflows was accepted as a Solutions Partner with Amazon Web Services . Metaflows can run on an Amazon EC2 instance and lets customers become security compliant in minutes.