Got MAC?

We recently added the MAC addresses to the event messages. The system gets the MAC addresses in two orthogonal ways: We sniff the MAC headers from the passive tap. If the MSS sees more than 5 IP addresses with the same MAC, it stops recording because it means you are mirroring the connection between the switch and the next routing hop (probably the firewall) where the MAC addresses are not avai...

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Websockets Are Here

Adobe Flash is one of the original sins. It is everywhere and yet it is a huge security risk. Websockets is an HTML5 standard that, for us, provided an alternative to Adobe Flash. For now we support both. The browser will try to use Adobe Flash first, and if it is not present or it is disabled, it will try using Websockets (which are hard-coded in your Browser). I you want to keep using Adobe Fl...

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Constant Companions: Giving Passwords and Passphrases Thier Due

“Through 20 years of effort, we’ve successfully rained everyone to use passwords that are hard for humans to remember, but are easy for computers to guess.”  Randall Monroe, XKCD For users, passwords and passphrases are a way of life.  How else can an individual not only identify themselves to access necessary services but also prove that they are who they say they are without biometrics?...

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