Flexible Architecture.

The MetaFlows Security System (MSS) monitors network traffic to detect and prevent Malware and other advanced network security threats. Our network security software discovers hidden (previously unknown) security problems because it is based on a shared intelligence framework. Rather than using ONE intelligence source, the MSS correlates multiple, real time, shared threat intelligence feeds at once.

Metaflows' network security software can be installed in minutes on standard, off-the-shelf hardware and instantly provides real-time and historical reporting through a secure web application and email alerts. Metaflows runs on Linux CentOS/RedHat, VMware (Server/Player or ESX4), Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure supporting a variety of storage and monitoring configurations.

We also provide turn-key threat detection appliances optimally designed to scale from 20 Mbps to 10 Gbps

Deployment Options

Sensors perform deep packet inspection of your network traffic and (optionally) collect Syslog messages from all other security devices you already have (like Firewalls). By design, packet payloads never leave the local sensor’s disk and therefore your own network. In our system the separation of packet data and event data is very strict and makes SaaS-based Malware protection much safer.

  • Commercial SaaS sensors are created and managed through our commercial portal at https://nsm.metaflows.com. These sensors export their event data to the cloud and also (optionally) send event data to an external 3rd-party SIEM in Syslog or CEF format. MSS SaaS is, by far, our most popular option.
  • GlovCloud SaaS sensors are created and managed through our GovCloud FIPS-compliant portal https://govcloud.metaflows.com. The GovCloud SaaS has the same features of the Commercial SaaS but it is intended exclusively to serve US Government networks.
  • Metaflows Global Enterprise (MSS GE) is designed for very large Enterprises. It includes all the features of the Commercial SaaS solution but it is designed to communicate exclusively within a private network or as a private cloud on a public network. The MSS GE controller can be deployed either as (1) an on-premise high performance appliance (starting at 1200 Events/Second), (2) as a private commercial/GovCloud Amazon EC2 instance or (3) a Microsoft Azure VM.
    Contact us to learn more about Global Enterprise for your network.
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