Amazon AWS Network IDS/IPS Cloud Security

MetaFlows offers a network intrusion detection software solution specifically designed for virtual cloud environments such as Amazon AWS. Our SaaS turn-key solution (MSS-AWS) can be easily deployed in any existing cloud infrastructure to shut down network threats and record, scan and validate all data communications of your cloud-based assets as if they were in a LAN.

  • Create an MSS-AWS sensor by installing our intrusion detection software in a Linux RHEL/CentOS virtual instance dedicated to monitor the LAN traffic of your cloud. Or use a pre-configured MetaFlows AMI.
  • Install agents on your cloud instances to forward promiscuous traffic through an encrypted tunnel to the MSS-AWS sensor (thus creating a Virtual TAP).
  • The sensor then analyzes the forwarded traffic in real time to to generate security events based on 40,000 Emerging Threats IDS signatures and our malware analysis system.
  • Use a standard Browser to perform detailed forensic analysis of incident reports, mange IPS and other policies and user-defined reporting.
  • You can also perform real time and historical IP traffic analysis to see the content of all your network communications!

Deploy the MetaFlows Security System in the cloud.

Security information generated by the MSS-AWS can be sent to a 3rd party SIEM application (like our Splunk application) or the award winning MetaFlows Security Console.

MetaFlows' browser-based console gives customers the ability to view high-priority incident reports and instantly search for events and historical flow patterns with payload data. Real time and historical browser-based event viewers reduce the noise in the event data to present top-level, aggregated, security intelligence information. Easy-to-use forensic and data-mining tools, escalation methods, detailed reporting, and custom email alerts and IPS policies further automate and simplify the handling of day to day network security operations.

Deep Packet Inspection Features