SIEM In The Cloud

Supported Devices

This is a partial list of devices we support. Contact to inquire about your specific device.

Type Products
Firewalls Fortinet, Netscreen, PIX, ASA, FWSM, Checkpoint, SonicWall
IDS Cisco, Netscreen, Dragon, CheckPoint Smart Defense
Antivirus McAfee VirusScan Enterprise v8 and v8.5
Databases MySQL, PostgreSQL
Mail Imapd, pop3d, Postifx, Sendmail, vpopmail, Microsoft Exchange, Courier imapd / pop3d, pop3-ssl, vm-pop3d, SMF-SAV, Procmail, Mailscanner
Web Apache, IIS 5, IIS 6, Zeus, Horde imp, Modsecurity
Cisco IOS Routers All
Cisco VPN All
Unix-based Servers All
Microsoft Servers All

IT Regulatory Compliance

System log storage is a key component for demonstrating regulatory compliance with all current security standards and regulations. Metaflows provides features necessary to comply with these regulatory requirements. In fact, Metaflows goes well beyond simply storing system logs by offering a scalable log analysis tool based on OSSEC .

Import or Export

Our flexible log management solution allows both importing and exporting syslog, CEF, and OSSEC formats. This means that our system can export actionable network intelligence to any existing 3rd party SIEM solutions as well as providing a unique correlation platform to view all your real time and historical security events feeds.

Metaflows Brings It All Together

All the log messages (in the red folders in the screenshot below) are correlated with security event information generated by Metaflows to give a comprehensive view of what is happening in the network. All logs are also stored, categorized, and included in daily and weekly executive interactive reports.

A screenshot of Metaflows SIEM integration