Vulnerability Scanning

Scrutinize Your Public-Facing Systems

Metaflows can execute external vulnerability scans against your own public facing systems, giving you an immediate overview of your exposure to attackers.

Vulnerability scanning aids the analysis of security incidents by showing the likelihood that a system has been compromised by an attack. More importantly, scans prevent your systems from being compromised by allowing you to find and patch known security holes before they are exploited.

Metaflows gathers forensic data, vulnerabilities, event records, and log data into detailed reports and saves them as evidence and documentation for future reference. Metaflows also supports remediation through escalation reports that can be sent to policy or law enforcement agencies and be used to enforce quarantine for specific hosts using our IPS system.

Vulnerability Scanning with Metaflows

You can start a vulnerability scan from the Real Time or Historical interfaces within the Metaflows web application. Once a report is finished, you can immediately view all results from the scan. The results are also automatically logged and can be accessed for later examination using Metaflows' Historical investigation tools.

A screenshot showing results from a vulnerability scan in the Historical investigation interface.

Metaflows logs all vulnerability scan results for later examination or exporting from the Historical investigation interface.

After a vulnerability scan is finished, you can immediately view a report listing all results. Where possible, Metaflows includes links to more information for specific Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure (CVE) entries and more.

A screenshot showing a vulnerability scan report.