MSS Can Do It Two Ways: Inline and Passive

The MetaFlows Security System is flexible in its efficiency. There are many risks to running an IDS/IPS inline. So we have bypassed those risks by allowing our system to be placed in Passive mode, and still able to block threatening traffic just as efficiently as before.

inlineTraditional IPS hardware is very expensive and becomes quickly obsolete. MetaFlows has developed cost-effective IPS load balancing technology that achieves extremely high performance with inexpensive, off-the-shelf multi-core commodity processors. The technology can also scale to dual or quad processor boards to increase parallelism even further. Blocking traffic is as easy as clicking on any of the rules on the rule management interface, or writing your custom block policies (i.e., block all Torrents).


In passive mode, the MSS uses an active response system that disrupts TCP (and sometimes UDP) sessions to block unwanted traffic like Torrents or other potentially disruptive applications. The active response mechanism works by injecting spoofed TCP reset packets as well as other session hijacking packets into the network. This gives operators the ability to block unwanted traffic without having to place an appliance inline or modify firewall rules.

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