Advanced network malware detection

Besides recording, scanning and validating all inbound Internet content, advanced network malware detection also continuously monitors suspicious outbound communication patterns to uncover active infections and data breaches that bypass the network perimeter and would otherwise go unnoticed.

The Need for Network Malware Detection

Mobility, social media and peer-to-peer applications render firewalls ineffective causing Malware to bypass perimeter defenses.

Fortunately, once it executes, Malware cannot hide its network behavior from  multi-session network analysis.

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SaaS-based shared threat intelligence

Any single threat feed is insufficient; it can only detect at most 20% of the known threats.

That is why we use 55+ antivirus solutions at once and combine threat intelligence from Emerging Threats, VirusTotal, OSSEC, Trustwave, Cuckoo, YARA, Web of Trust and more.

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Malware Detection Appliances

MSS-1/4/8C (<1Gbps)

5 Gbps Behavioral Network Security Monitoring Appliance

MSS-24C (1-3Gbps)

10 Gbps Behavioral Network Security Monitoring Appliance

MSS-64C (3-7Gbps)

10 Gbps Behavioral Network Security Monitoring Appliance

MSS-UTM-1C (50Mbps)

50 Mbps UTM Appliance

MetaFlows’ malware detection appliances are based on robust open standards that quickly integrate in any existing infrastructure. They are custom-built with the best hardware components available today to provide reliable and cost-effective packet processing from 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

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Passively analyze network traffic to:

  • Scan all content entering your network with 55+ antivirus software solutions at once
  • Sandbox unknown content to discover new threats
  • Reliably detect and shut down malware that gets passed your perimeter defense
  • Detect lateral moves and data exfiltration attempts
  • Pinpoint and prevent potential network security threats
  • Proactively log all IP packets for forensic investigations

Our software security solution supports from 100Mbs to 10Gbps of sustained network inspection. To try our technology simply register here to start a two-week unlimited trial.

Minimum hardware requirements are:

  • 4GB RAM or 2GB RAM/core (whichever is greater)
  • At least two physical Ethernet interfaces (one for management and one for passive traffic analysis)
  • At least 100GB of disk space

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