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Install the MetaFlows Security System malware detection software in your own network (physical or virtual). In less than 1 hour, you will gain extreme visibility of what is going on and immediately spot possible compromises, misconfigurations, or potentially dangerous uses of your network.

Physical Deployments

architecture diaggram

Cloud-based Deployments

Cloud deployments

What to expect from the meeting

An expert network security engineer will help you setup our advanced network intrusion detection system within minutes.

  • You will be able to ask any technical or sales related question
  • We will review the requirements and proceed to the installation or indicate what additional steps you need to perform prior to the install
  • Help you configure your switch or your cloud based assets to generate the network data necessary for the analysis
  • Provide a quick overview of how our UI works once we get your data feed established

Please dedicate a virtual of physical CentOS/RHEL appliance with the following minimum specs:

    • 4GB RAM or 2GB RAM/core (whichever is greater)
    • At least 100GB of disk space
    • (for physical installs only) at least two physical Ethernet interfaces (one for management and one for passive traffic analysis)

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Do no miss this opportunity, you will be amazed of what you can find out about your network!


Watch a real time (non-canned) demo of our system in action in some of our research partners networks. We will interactively investigate previously unknown incidents to show you what your day would be like with our system.

What to expect from the meeting

You can take a tour of the MetaFlows Security System’s User Interface to see what you will be able to explore.

  • You will be able to ask any technical or sales related question
  • We will show you the most important forensic tools that enable you to quickly spot and fully understand network security issues.
  • We will show you how to search for packet payloads to reconstruct what happened
  • We will show you how to customize our powerful event classification engine for your application
  • Understand how to setup the system within your environment

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