Flexible Deployment Solutions

Our unique SaaS architecture provides flexible network security solutions for both physical and could based installations.

d0olxfs0The main component of the MetaFlows’ Malware Detection and Prevention System is the sensor. Sensors perform deep packet inspection of your network traffic and (optionally) collect Syslog messages from all other security devices you already have (like Firewalls).

Sensors are created by installing MetaFlows’ software on virtual or physical hardware running Linux CentOS/RedHat 7.

Sensors read threat intelligence and configuration and write security event messages to a centralized location. Sensors also store Application Data on local storage for forensic reasons. This architecture enables the solutions outlined below.

Data storage

Solution Security Events Configuration Application Data
Commercial SaaS Commercial AWS Cloud Sensor Disk
GovCloud SaaS AWS GovCloud
MSS Global Enterprise Global Enterprise Controller
Amazon & Azure IDS IPS AWS/Azure Cloud

Commercial SaaS

Sensors are created and managed through our commercial SaaS cloud at https://nsm.metaflows.com MSS Saas sensors export their event data to the Metaflows cloud and also (optionally) send event data to an external 3rd-party SIEM in Syslog or CEF format. Commercial SaaS is, by far, our most popular option and can be used by enterprises large an small.

Amazon and Azure IDS IPS

Each dedicated AWS or Azure sensor can perform deep packet inspection and full packet capture of up to 50 production cloud assets. Cloud sensors inherit all the features of a physical deployment, and therefore, provides a complete IDS/IPS solution for a virtual cloud environment.

GlovCloud SaaS

Sensors are created and managed through our GovCloud FIPS-compliant cloud at https://govcloud.metaflows.com. The GovCloud SaaS has the same features of the Commercial SaaS but it is intended exclusively to serve US Government networks.

Global Enterprise

This solution provides a private cloud-based security service. The system can be deployed either as (1) on-premise high performance appliances, (2) as private commercial/GovCloud Amazon EC2 instances or (3) a Microsoft Azure VMs. The Global Enterprise Solution (GES) is designed for very large Enterprises or Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP).