Metaflows Global Enterprise

The Metaflows Global Enterprise includes all the features of the Metaflows software-as-a-service solution, but it is designed to communicate exclusively within a private network or as a private cloud on a public network. The Metaflows GE controller can be deployed either as an on-premise high-performance appliance (starting at 1200 events/second) or as a private Amazon EC2 instance.

A diagram demonstrating how the pieces of Metaflows Global Enterprise fit together.

Web Application

  • Real Time SIEM, Flow & Log Management
  • Multi-user Online Collaboration
  • One-click Remediation
  • Highly Customizable

Metaflows GE Controller

  • Deploy as an Appliance, an Amazon EC2 Instance or a Microsoft Azure VM
  • Predictive Event Correlation quickly finds Malware
  • Centralized Sensor Provisioning

Daily Intelligence Feeds

  • Behavioral Malware Detection
  • Zero-day / APT Intelligence
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Geo-location Intelligence

Global Enterprise Correlation Technology

Security events from Metaflows GE sensors are securely transmitted to the Metaflows GE Controller, where each event is ranked using a unique algorithm mathematically similar to Google's page ranking. Rather than limiting security event ranking to static policies, Metaflows GE derives priorities based on dynamic measurements. The Metaflows Active Threat Management system and the SRI Malware Threat Center continuously mine the Internet for bad IP addresses and event reputation data (much like the reputation and number of links to a web page in Google's algorithm). The Metaflows GE controller continuously accumulates this security event reputation data and mathematically transforms it every day to improve ranking prediction. The end result is that Metaflows GE helps you quickly find Malware that otherwise would go unnoticed.