Network Intrusion Detection software for the cloud

MetaFlows offers a network intrusion detection software solution specifically designed for virtual cloud environments such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. Our SaaS turn-key solution can be easily deployed in any existing cloud infrastructure to shut down network threats and record, scan and validate all data communications of your cloud-based assets as if they were in a LAN. 

How It Works

Please take a tour of the MetaFlows Security System's User Interface.



Our network intrusion detection system generates an unprecedented amount of useful security information. Multiple event types: IDS, Service/Host Discovery, Syslog, File transmission analysis (network antivirus/sandboxing), Intrusion prevention notifications, Multi-session Incident reports, and WAF notifications can be exported to any existing syslog management system (SIEM) or the award winning MetaFlows Security Console.

We have also developed a sophisticated Splunk application that parses all our event types without requiring any programming.

Schedule a Live Demo on Amazon EC2

One of our engineers can show you how we collect packet data from a number of  Amazon EC2 instances and perform deep packet inspection to find malware and other network security issues hidden in you cloud traffic.

Cloud IDS IPS Features