Amazon AWS Network IDS Software

MetaFlows offers a complete Network IDS software solution for the cloud. Our software appliances can perform deep packet inspection and full packet capture in virtual cloud environments (like Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure) without requiring access to the networking layer. Each software appliance can monitor the IP traffic of up to 50 servers as if they were in your LAN. Our solution inherits all the features of a physical deployment, and therefore, provides a complete IDS solution for the cloud.


Our sensors can export an unprecedented amount of security information. Multiple event types: IDS, Service/Host Discovery, Syslog, File transmission analysis (network antivirus/sandboxing), IPS Notifications, Multi-session Incident Reports, and WAF notifications can be exported to any existing syslog management system (SIEM).

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Own of our engineers can show you how we collect packet data from a number of EC2 instances and perform deep packet inspection to find malware and other network security issues hidden in you cloud traffic.

Cloud IDS IPS Features