SaaS Malware Detection and Prevention

MetaFlows’ SaaS malware detection & prevention software passively analyzes the behavior and the content of Internet traffic. It reliably finds and shuts down hidden malware and other network security threats that are routinely missed by all other security products deployed in the same network.

Real time threat feeds from Emerging Threats, Cuckoo, VirusTotal, SRI, OSSEC, Trustwave, YARA, ClamAV and Web of Trust are transparently combined to provide the best network security coverage available today. We further improve malware detection and prevention accuracy with the multi-session invariant analysis of the 350M+ network security events that are stored in our SaaS cloud every week.

Multisession Analysis

Multi-session analysis improves detection accuracy by recognizing a trail of evidence occurring over multiple sessions rather than focusing on single security events. Our malware detection & prevention software automated email alerts and web-based incident reports provide actionable intelligence in the form of clear correlated evidence of a compromise or data breach rather than simple event data that is often difficult to interpret. Through our award-winning forensic interface users can collaborate on line to investigate incident reports and add site-specific network use policies to mitigate future potential threats.

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