Customer Testimonials

The affordability and quality of our technology is so great that we have close to 100% customer retention. Here is a small sample of what our customers are saying about us.

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Randy Penner, Information Security Manager, Access Credit Union

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"The MSS gives us a tool that was easy to deploy and produces comprehensive reports that allow us to pinpoint security threats."

Paul Rothberg, Network Administrator, Southern Pride Trucking

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"The MSS really gives us the granularity we need to see the in/out traffic on our network. It is saving us time and money because it’s so accurate."

Cliff Vazquez, Director of IMS and Security, IGATE

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"We are thoroughly impressed with the versatility and granularity of the MSS solution. No other security solution has provided this level of flexibility with a full spectrum of security protection."

William Ferguson, Enterprise Security Architect, America's ISP

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"The anti-virus properties are outstanding, but the sandboxing to detect bad behaviors on top of that is really the icing on the cake."

James Macdonnell, California State University San Bernardino

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"Metaflows is more effective as compared to our existing intrusion detection infrastructure because it lets us more quickly identify and correlate relevant alerts. Metaflows made our intrusion detection more accessible and requires less analyst training. As an example, where at one time IDS tuning required command-line skills, this is now available through a simpler and less error-prone web interface."

Rizlan Shah Azlan, Monash University

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"I came across Metaflows when I was looking for providing a cost effective network monitoring solution for the Sunway campus. I have been impressed by how responsive the team at Metaflows has been even when we are nine time zones away. It has been a wonderful experience working with the Metaflows team."

Mark Maunu, Cubic Corporation

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"Metaflows is a simple yet robust system to get your IDS sensors under control and start finding the 'evil' on your network before it has a chance to wreak havoc. Deploying an IDS system and monitoring your network for anomalies could not be easier with the Metaflows system. But the best features are the inclusion of Bothunter tool and the Metaflows algorithm which ranks Snort alerts according to severity. These tools quickly let you know which Snort alerts are the most important to view and which of your hosts are most likely infected with bots or malware. We have used these tools to quickly identify and shut down these infected hosts."

Eric Pavlak, Non-Profit Technology Assurance Group

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"I have a distinct set of criteria necessary to adopt a product:

  • Affordability - There is a delicate balance between cost and justification. While there are other competing products out there, it remains clear that organizations, faced with tough fiscal decisions, will simply not implement these solutions if they are not perceived as affordable.
  • Reporting - While secondary to affordability, my opinion is that it is pointless to implement any solution that does not have reporting capability. As the field of security compliance continues to grow, documenting evidence of compliance will play an ever-increasing role.
  • Support - In my opinion, this distinguishes an enterprise-ready product from one geared for the hobbyist. Additionally, in legal parlance: without the exchange of money, you have no reasonable expectation to product performance. Colloquially: 'you get what you pay for.

After a rigorous search and careful consideration, Metaflows is the best tool for the job."