Zero-Day Malware Analysis System

A diagram of Metaflows' Zero-day Malware Analysis System

Zero-day Malware Analisys

Zero-day Malware cannot be detected using signature based detection because it was never seen before. In order to detect these insidious cyber threats, MetaFlows’ sensors monitor the transmission of all notable files (.exe, .dll, .pdf, .zip, Microsoft Office formats, etc.) transmitted on your network. The digest of each file is passed to the Network Antivirus system, which consists of multiple Antivirus solutions. All files that test positive on 3 or more Antivirus solutions generate high priority reports for your analysis. Content which is unknown is executed in MetaFlows’ zero-day Malware analysis system. A mix of proprietary and open source tools analyze the behavior of the content as it is executed/opened to determine whether it is well behaved. If the behavior is consistent with dangerous Malware, the zero-day Malware analysis system updates our database and issues a high priority alert with a detailed report of why the content is bad.

Why pay exorbitant amounts for proprietary hardware?

Malware analysis needs lots of memory and CPU to keep up with the arrival rate of the content. Unlike competing products, MetaFlows analysis scale on standard hardware and therefore you do not have to pay ridiculous amounts of money for standard hardware functions. In fact, you can run our turn-key zero-day Malware Analysis on your own hardware!