Enterprise Network Security Systems

The total cost of a MetaFlows Security System (MSS) deployment is usually just a fraction of the cost of previous generation solutions, yet it’s more effective, comprehensive, and flexible. By simply registering, users automatically get access to a FREE 14-day trial of the Commercial Enterprise version.

A trial can be converted to a Commercial subscription through the Browser without losing any data accumulated during the initial trial. If you convert to Global Enterprise System, the trial data will be lost.

With automatic daily updates of Emerging Threats Pro rules,  SRI Malware Threat Center & MetaFlows International Honeypot Network intelligence feeds, the  Commercial Enterprise Option includes all the features of the MSS necessary for a production deployment from SMB to Enterprise class networks.

  • architecture7 Commercial Option
comparison chart Commercial Option

Community Option
Commercial Global Enterprise
Signature Updates Emerging Threats or   VRT SRI MTC, Emerging Threats Pro or VRT Any
Log Management Real Time Only* Yes Yes
Intelligence Feeds Yes Yes Yes
Off-the-shelf Hardware Yes Yes Yes
Real-Time SIEM Console Yes* Yes Yes
Malware Detection, Flow, Log Correlation & Analysis Real-Time Only* Yes Yes
Historical Queries Yes (first 14 days only) Yes Yes
Automated Reporting Yes (first 14 days only) Yes Yes
Security Analyst Support* Community Priority Custom
Multiple Sensors Limit 1 Sensor Yes Yes
Private intelligence feeds and rule updates No No Yes
*Does not include the storage of your event data