MetaFlows GovCloud SaaS

The MetaFlows GovCloud SaaS offers a cost effective Software-as-a-Service solution to US Government entities for monitoring their physical or virtual cloud-based networks. Our GovCloud deployment is built on a FIPS-Compliant infrastructure with security controls designed for Government applications. Please register at to start your free trial or gather requirements for your deployment.

GovCloud Software as a Service Network Security Monitoring

Built for Government Monitoring Needs

  • IDS -with Multisession Correlation
  • Network Antivirus/Sandboxing
  • Full Packet Capture
  • Historical Flow Analysis
  • Real Time SIEM, Flow and Log Management
  • Multi-User Online Collaboration

GovCloud Deep Packet Inspection

  • AWS VPC Deep Packet Inspection and Full Packet Capture
  • Multi-User Online Collaboration
  • Passive ModSecurity Centralized Web Server Monitoring
  • OpenAppID Support

FIPS-Compliant Physical Appliances

  • Centralized Sensor Provisioning
  • Centralized Rule Management
  • Inspection from 100 Mbps to 7 Gbps (Sustained) Per Appliance
  • Predictive Event Correlation Finds Malware No Other System Can

Daily Intelligence Feeds

  • Behavioral Malware Detection
  • Zero-Day / APT Intelligence
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Geo-Location Intelligence

Global Correlation Technology

Security events generated by sensors (either virtual or physical) are securely transmitted to the MetaFlows GovCloud servers, where they are first stored and then correlated and prioritized using a method mathematically similar to Google's page ranking algorithm. Rather than limiting security event ranking to static policies, the MetaFlows GovCloud SaaS priorities are based on dynamic measurements. MetaFlows continuously mines the Internet for bad IP addresses and event reputation data (much like the reputation and number of links to a web page in Google's algorithm). The MetaFlows GovCloud SaaS continuously accumulates this security event reputation data and mathematically transforms it every day to improve prediction. The end result is that the MetaFlows' GovCloud SaaS reduces false positives and false negatives to help you quickly find malware that otherwise would go unnoticed. To get a sense of how we gather this data please visit Our Weekly Global Incident Report Page