Features Comparison

The table below compares important features of existing network security products. As you can see from the table, MetaFlows' network security software offers an unprecedented mix of features seamlessly available for both on-premise and cloud-based deployments.

metaflows' SC magazine review

"this is a killer app. the more we watched this one sort through the data that it was monitoring - over a million events and flows at a major university - and dig down and analyze it, the more we wanted one. this is a very serious service/application that we have to admit also is very cool. this is an intrusion detection system (ids)/intrusion prevention system (ips) on steroids. it uses just about every security paradigm that we can think of. it is tied into a network of honey-pots all over the world. it allows both ids and ips, and it has a level of detail and drill-down that enables solid forensic analysis of events.

especially impressive is the service's ability to detect bots and prevent their activities. this capability comes from sophisticated behavior analysis, which can be built into your sensors. the sensors can contain a wide variety of standard and non-standard tools. the commonality, though, is that these tools gather information and then ship it out. that means that users can employ fairly lightweight sensors or, in a sensitive, high performance network opt for far higher performance sensors. the choice is up to the user. however one goes, though, the sophisticated analysis and correlation is performed in the cloud, a performance and functionality benefit." more..

try our unprecedented combination of features side-by-side any of our competitors

our software plans support from 100Mbs to 10gbps of sustained network inspection. simply register here to start a 2-week unlimited trial.

minimum hardware requirements are:
  • 4GB ram or 2GB ram/core (whichever is greater)
  • at least 2 physical ethernet interfaces (one for management and one for passive traffic analysis)
  • at least 100GB disk