Regulatory Compliance: Healthcare

In healthcare, everything is personal. Metaflows can help you keep it that way.

The healthcare industry as a whole is steadily moving towards electronic medical records. Greater quantities of sensitive information are now accessible in a networked environment. With the convenience of electronic forms comes the responsibility to ensure that such data is properly protected. Metaflows secures patients' electronic documents and keeps electronic Patient Healthcare Information (ePHI) in compliance with HIPAA standards.

Metaflows helps IT professionals in the healthcare industry monitor their network security in several ways.

  • Balance accessibility with protection of patient data. In the healthcare industry, the timely availability and accuracy of information can literally mean the difference between life and death. As a result, the network security policies of healthcare organizations require much greater sensitivity to potential security violations than typical commercial networks. In addition, healthcare organizations need a security solution that will not throttle or otherwise hinder normal networking operations.
  • Demonstrate and maintain regulatory compliance. Networks and computer systems in healthcare organizations are subject to stringent regulations to safeguard the privacy and integrity of patient information. The most prominent regulations are:
    These regulations require comprehensive administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to protect data, computer systems, and networks.
  • Maintain a secure environment in the face of staffing challenges. The need for secure, collaborative computing in the healthcare industry is increasing as hospitals and care facilities have to accommodate access to information from home as well as support the ability to work with remote, affiliate medical organizations. IT departments need tools to effectively manage and secure this increasingly complex environment.