Frequently Asked Questions

With other network security solutions, I have experienced too many false positive and false negatives. What makes Metaflows different?

Metaflows uses 5 different network intelligence sources at once to determine if an event is important. These sources of network security intelligence are combined with a ranking algorithm that prioritizes security events according to continuous, global measurements. Unlike other products, Metaflows is based on shared network intelligence coming from several sources (5 normally but up to 7 in some instances). The integration of multiple feeds from our partners helps reduce the false positive rates.

With your cloud-based model, how do I know that my data is secure?

With Metaflows, packets with sensitive information are only stored on the security appliance inside your network (which are highly secure Unix-based open-source systems). So even if the cloud were to be compromised, none of your application data would be exposed simply because it's not there. We only store your security events in our cloud. Network security event data exchanged between you and the back-end is encrypted end-to-end: from your browser to our web servers; from the sensor to our web servers; and from the browser/console to the security appliances. All authentications are performed using public key cryptography (the same one used to secure your access to your online banking). To secure our cloud we continuously monitor our networks and routinely perform penetration testing of our infrastructure to ensure our computer security.

Does Metaflows work in a virtualized server environment?

Yes, our Malware Protection software can monitor network traffic in any environment. In fact, our software can also be installed as a virtual machine.

With a virtual security appliance, how can I count on my system to run at an adequate speed to work properly?

A virtual machine's performance depends on the resources that are given to it: the more memory and processors available, the better it will run. Our software technology automatically scales to the capabilities of the hardware or the virtual machine on which it is installed. Our virtual security appliance will only take the memory and processors that are allotted to it. The appliance's software continuously monitors the dropped packet rate and provides real time feedback on its operation which is viewable from the Metaflows console.

Can I generate custom reports so I can show what I find with the rest of the organization?

We have a number of reports available at this time and will be continuously adding new ones with flexibility in mind. The beauty of the SaaS model is that you will get any and all upgrades without ever having to perform any system management operations.

How does Metaflows separate the script kiddies from dedicated attackers?

Our global and local correlation technologies are continuously fed intelligence data that prioritizes security incidents based on event ranking and IP reputation. So, you get the best an most up-to-date risks assessments available today.

I noticed you have a free trial subscription offer. What do I not get in my free subscription versus when I subscribe to your security solution?

Before you can add monthly or yearly subscriptions, your account must be converted from a trial account to a subscription account. This allows you to take advantage of a number of features only available to subscription users:

  • Daily signature updates from Emerging Threats
  • Private online 1-on-1 chat support, plus priority e-mail support
  • Use unlimited sensors on a single account
  • Metaflows historical reporting with unlimited storage capacity for the last year of data

I like the ease of use of a SaaS model. Can I buy an annual subscription versus a month to month subscription?

Absolutely, you can. Metaflows allows you to purchase either a month to month subscription or an annual subscription.

Can Metaflows provide 24 x 7 x 365 support on a global basis?

Yes, Metaflows offers chat, email, and support ticket capabilities as our primary customer touch points. We have also produced a series of tutorial videos to assist subscribers in download and installation, tuning, and other key self-help tools. Phone support is limited to 9AM to 6PM PST.

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